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80crv2 vs 1075


Dec 29, 2013. #2. I have made about 20 blades using 1080+. I heated the blades to 800C (easier to read on analog pyrometer), 5 minute soak at temperature, quench in warm (about 100F) oil. clean. short temper (30 minutes) at 300F. Scrub in cold water to remove all scale. temper at 375F. this yielded Rc 61-62 in a 5 point check. Web. Web.

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A high carbon chrome-vanadium, 80CRV2 is a tough as nails workhorse steel. It provides the essential qualities of a 1080-series steel, with all the perks of a high chrome steel like 5160. Similar to 1084 - but with a few minor alloying elements - most notably, just enough vanadium for grain refinement.


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